After being in the Watch & Clock business for more than a Hundred Years, GANI & SONS brings to you Large Open Faced Frameless Wall Clocks for interiors.

Have a look at our initial collection where sizes range from 6 inches in diameter and goes up to even 30 inches.

The smaller clocks have regular good quality movements whilst the larger (19" & above) ones have imported movements & hands.

The materials used are modern and the digital prints especially, are a class apart.

As you will notice the larger clocks have 3 different types of hands in fixed lengths and they can be adapted to other models. Clocks will be supplied with available Hands only not necessarily those in the photos.

The models shown are standard models usually available ex stock (in small quantities) but it takes 3 business days to ship. Transit Time is Extra.
For models not in stock at the time of your order it takes about 10-15 days for delivery.

If you are interested in making you own design of the large Clocks (wih quality Digital Prints) they are welcome. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for these 19-30 inch custom made Clocks is 4 pieces at a time (mixed models are acceptable) & delivery can be made in about 12-15 days after a confirmed order with your design and an advance payment.

The price of any (19" to 30" dia.) LARGE Open face Indoor Clock with Digital prints is Rs.3,900/- basically, taxes and postage being extra.

For the smaller Clocks, i.e. 6" to 14" the minimum order (MOQ) is a dozen.

Your Corporate / Custom Designs are welcome but have an MOQ.

The 16 inch round All Brass Cabinet is a regular clock with a 11 inch dial in an antique style. This clock comes in 2 versions, one is polished brass (gives a rich look to any decor) and the other is an antique finish on the brass case.

These all Brass Wall Clocks are priced at Rs.8,450/- and we are giving an introductory inaugural Discount of 50% but Only for the first 25 Clocks.

It goes without saying that all our Wall Clocks carry a One Year Guarantee, especially foe the Movement.

We must put Individual Photos with Prices ON the site (with terms) at the bottom of all this.

Taxes Extra as applicable at the time of despatch. At present VAT is chargeable @ 14.5% on the basic price. NBNT.

Courier / Speed Post (India Post) Charges will be extra at near actuals (and rounded off).

Just view some of our smaller clocks.

For large (3 ft. to 30 ft. diameter) Tower Clocks for Outdoors please visit : tower-gallery & tower-photos. Here GPS connected Clocks are the norm.

For Grandfather Clocks, view our pages at :: Main Page & Quartz Models & 100% Imported Clocks.

Please read our basic terms (small print) at the bottom of this page and also our Standard Terms.

To contact us please write to : or call 044 - 2 5353 246 / 2533 2494 or +91 95 0000 1909. (If the mobile no. is not reachable, just send a short sms and we will respond).

At present, we have 4 models of Large Open Face Frameless Clocks having a diameter of 19” 21” & 24 inches. Our retail price is Rs.3,900/- less an inaugural discount of 10% which brings the clock price down to Rs.3,510/- basically. The Movements and Hands are imported and the clock is a high quality Digital Print on a white 10 mm (thick) foam board.

Clocks will be supplied in corrugated boxes or other suitable packing, so as to reach you safely.

We normally ship through India Post, unless otherwise specified.

Send us your own designs which we shall faithfully re-produce. The rates will be the same except if major designing is involved. Files can be sent in a Corel Draw or pdf format. You could send us your preferred clock face images (a sharp image with a good resolution) which we will reproduce in any diameter from 19 to 30 inches dia. Colours can also be varied.

To contact us please write to : or call 044 - 2 5353 246 / 2533 2494 or +91 95 0000 1909.

To see the clocks on display, kindly visit : GANI & SONS; 31, Rattan Bazaar, Park Town, CHENNAI - 600 003. Opp. C1 Flower Bazaar Police Station, next to Axis Bank.

Small Print:

Keep Watching this page for New Additions of Indoor Clocks.