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We make and sell Astralo Clocks, Mechanisms and Displays.
This sums up the spirit at GANI & SONS.

GANI & SONS specialise in Custom Building or even designing any type of Tower Clocks or Outdoor Clocks and even Indoor Speciality Clocks. It is a long established company backed by more than 80 years of experience in Tower Clocks alone, having installed more than 300 Tower, Drum & Custom made Clocks, all over the country (mostly in South India)

TOWER CLOCKS are available in sizes ranging from 3 feet to 30 feet diameter usually, in single, two, three or four faced configurations. In fact if any customer wants a 5, 6, or even an 8 sided clock, GANI & SONS promise to custom build it for them.

All exposed Dials/Advertising messages are weatherproof & Guaranteed for ONE YEAR apart from the usual mechanism Guarantee. GANI & SONS promise to supply any type of Tower Clock to it's prospective customers to suit their requirements, within their budget from one of many technologies and versions.

India's FIRST Quartz and Striking (3 feet,4 faced) Tower clock(Analog) was made, supplied & installed by GANI & SONS at Port Blair, The Andamans. Between the 1940's & 1960's, six mechanical tower clocks have been supplied and installed by GANI & SONS to the Corporation of Chennai at various locations in the city of Madras-Chennai.

Your Imagination is our Limitation


All the Tower Clocks are Quartz controlled and therefore give highly accurate time keeping, however if the customer wants a traditional mechanical 8 day manual winding Tower Clock or even one with automatic electric winding, the same will be made by GANI & SONS though comparatively, costs will be very high.

Depending on the customer's specifications, Computer controlled Giant sized alphanumeric digital (day & night visibility) Outdoor Displays on building faces or roof tops, with Electro Magnetic Displays can also be made , to show the Time, Temperature, Advertising message of the customer and even any public message.

A Population Clock is a unique feature that can also b e added to this Giant Alpha-Numeric Display System. On-line messages can be fed in directly from an on-line computer keyboard.

A REVERSO (anti-clockwise) Tower Clock ?? Our Super Speciality. YOU NAME IT WE'LL MAKE IT.

GANI & SONS are responsible for making what is probably India's First vermin & Moisture Proof Industrial Clock, the Dial : 450mm Square, the Case: Fiberglass, in both single faced & double faced versions. This was a custom made clock. However nowadays due to space constraints GANI & SONS have largely switched to the Master & Slave Format, wherein dial sizes between 2 feet and 20 feet fit in perfectly. Master & Slave Tower Clocks also allow for a good many models & Designer Outdoor Clocks.

OUTDOOR PILLAR CLOCKS with musical chiming and striking on the Hour every hour, or other models of outdoor clocks can be made. GANI & SONS have introduced the new State-of-the-Art PILLAR CLOCKS.


  • Accurate time keeping controlled by Quartz frequency
  • State-of-the-art desk top Master Clock
  • Westminister Chimes Or Musical Chimes (on the hour) + External Sound System
  • All sound systems will have Striking of the hours preceded by the Chimes
  • The Pillar is cast iron, paint finished which is also GUARANTEED - from normal weather conditions - for ONE YEAR

The only Horologists in India who have such a comprehensive range of Products - ONLY quality brands stocked in each item. 


spencer Salzburg Square sterling towers
South India's Largest - 15' feet diameter - Spencer Plaza, Anna Salai, Chennai
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Modern India's First
Convex Dial - 5 feet in diameter Salzburg Square, Chennai
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Sterling Towers made by Arihant Foundations (India's Finest)
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ispahani centre black thunder woodlands junction
Arched Clock - Designed by Gani & Sons at Ispahani Centre, Chennai
take a closer look
TITAN on show - at Black Thunder Theme Park, Metupalyam, Coimbatore
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Non-Striking, 4 faced Outdoor Slave Clock System at Woodlands Junction, Cochin take a closer look
venkateswara uni grt grand days steeple reach
10 feet 4 faced MECHANICAL Striking Tower Clock, made in Chennai, Installed at Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupathi. A.P. Working till today.
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ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD 8 Cities & Local Time World Time Clock being installed at GRT Grand Days Hotel, Chennai
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True Victorian Style. A traditional Skeleton Dial - Single Faced. Steeple Reach, Chennai
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old designs sanmar steeple reach
Old Design Skeleton Dial
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Arched Gateway Clock, Sanmar Properties Guindy, Chennai
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4 faced Pillar Clock System at Nathella Sampathu Chetty, T.Nagar, Chennai. Quartz Accuracy + CHIMING & STRIKING of the Hours + AUTO SHUT OFF of the Lights & Strike at night, etc.
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Clocks Installed Since 2000