At the outset let us tell you that these Pocket / Pendant / Lapel Watches are fitted with quality Quartz Battery Operated Movements made by CITIZEN. The movements carry a One Year Guarantee and are easily serviceable throughout India even after the warranty expires, the battery also being available anywhere. At present there is only 1 Model of Mechanical Pocket Watch with a dial that glows by itself in the night.

In the near future you can expect more models (depending on demand) of mechanical pocket watches with Luminescent Radium Dials that glow in the night. These watches are also specially sought after by certain category of Sadhus who are free from wearing anything with electrical charge or light.

Pocket Watches are popularly known as a Gandhi Watch. It has an aristocratic look, was originally worn & still is with a 3 piece suit.

The small Pocket in your Jeans (below the belt & above your pocket - on the right side) was originally meant for a Pocket Watch in the Wild West, though some use it nowadays for coins change.

A Ladies Pocket / Pendant Watch (smaller in size) also doubles as a beautiful Pendant Watch which is very functional.

The there is the Nurses Watch - also known internationally as a FOB Watch - which is worn by Nurses a few inches below the collar bone and essentially has a centre second hand to assist them is checking the pulse of patients.

These Lapel Watches are also worn by (Christian) Fathers, men of the clergy.